About Papu the Dog

Papu is the third member of our family, our own furry baby. She joined our team in May 2009 as an eight-week-old puppy and has been the center of our life ever since.

Papu is named after a can of beans, or more technically, after Amoena's favorite dish, Chili con Carne. Papu means "bean" in Finnish, so it's actually quite suitable name for a little black dog.

Papu is a black&tan miniature pinscher with uncropped ears and tail.

Things Papu likes
  • Self-made piggy treats
  • Warm blankets to snuggle in
  • Stuffed Kong toys
  • Fetch toys
  • Lettuce, apples and carrots
  • A dachshund called Minni
  • Long naps with mommy 
  • Sunny spots
Things Papu dislikes
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Cold weather
  • Puddles
  • Kids running
  • Strange people approaching her
  • Going for walks
  • Dogs with no snouts (for example French Bulldogs)